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How to clean the printer nozzles Brother DCP-115C

Cleaning nozzles Brother printers is the only tool that separates us from a long or short time working with these printers. Inkjet printers unlike Brother laser printers are more sensitive and prone to stop printing, or simply because the printhead nozzles become clogged as it is known.
brother printer inside you box
brother printer inside you box
The manufacturer has informed this problem presenting their equipment and as unlike other printers it uses ink tanks that serve as cartridges and a separate head embodying the letters on the page, it is not something we should worry much the possibility of fix using the head cleaning.
The main symptoms to know that the printer needs cleaning nozzle are missing pages with stripes and color intensity can only clean the black or three colors magenta, cyan and yellow together.

The printer will perform a cleaning every time necessary by the impressions you make the printer, change we can make cleaning injectors when necessary.

In the Brother DCP and the Brother MFC printers it is that more this problem manifests so if you have an MFC printers Brother recommend using the same tool for cleaning, maybe not with the same procedure but it's all the same.
printer brother dcp-115c
printer brother dcp-115c
The following procedure is supported for DCP-115 / CDCP-117C / DCP-120C / DCP-315CN printer follow this procedure to the letter in case of problems contact us via a comment.

Head cleaning procedure or injectors Brother printers:

First thing we do is press the button symbolizing ink
in the printer panel then pressed the arrows at the top and down (↓ ↑) until all where it says (cleaning) we select the button that says set or select.
Again pressed the buttons to go up or down (↓ ↑) to select whether to clean the black or three colors you want cleaned select the set or select button.

If making several consecutive cleanings and the printer still continue presenting opaque striped prints or contact technical support to verify this guarantee should not have the printer available to a trusted technician.


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