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How to make a ink cartridge extractor

Ink extractors are a fundamental piece in case you want to refilling ink cartridges, cartridges or bleed uncover a system of continuous ink.
extractors ink cartridges
extractors ink cartridges
Canon ink cartridges suffer much for it, these ink systems in Canon printers are the most widely installed but apparently extractors manufacturers have not created a pump that fits the head of the cartridge in the best way so that the ink cartridge comes with pressure.
An extractor ink is composed of a base that fits over the cartridge, and held firmly elsewhere that is a silicone gum which adapts the ink head to when the syringe is placed on the bottom of the cartridge the air is removed vote for the cartridge ink the fluidity necessary injectors.

Extractors we see in the above images are not really very strong, largely broken cases end before two months of use and have a very high cost. As we said extractors consist of two parts one is the base serves as clip and the other is the silicon that functions as adaptation to grab the cartridge as strong seal so that air does not leak out when ink cartridge.

Need to draw ink from an ink cartridge when it is covered, it is necessary to bleed or end up filling. Below is a creative way to make an extractor, inexpensive ink, follow the steps that will be raised, if need support to make a comment.

We have considered the most important part of an exhaust ink to silicon which helps grip the ink cartridge so that the air does not escape, this is almost never damaged, broken or disrupted, really who is broken and we all know becomes a headache is the clip that holds the ink cartridge.

But really because limiting ourselves to only use the clip extractor brings even more opportunities would use a single silicon if we took different clip and we used as a framework to put the cartridges we stick to win.

I always wonder why so high the cost of a clip when it really is just like a clip, for those who know that it is a clip this is a protection that the ink cartridges when bought refurbished, like the clip exhaust this serves to hold ink cartridge firmly, only in the head portion has a cork for the ink cartridge does not come out.
clip cartridge protector
clip cartridge protector
The price of a clip to use as a protective cartridge compared to the price of an extractor ink is the same material is from heaven to earth, we speak of a difference of ink extractor 100, clip to hold cartridges 2.

It is a latent reality now to use as the extractor clip when the extractor is damaged, the procedure is as follows. In the space where the cork to protect the head cartridge must make a fair sized drilling is based on silicon to support and affirm the cartridge.

This protects even more than conventional extractor plus the acquisition price may be even free, if you purchased your ink cartridge remanufactured receive one at no cost, you can even drill several clip and use the silicon for different ink cartridges.


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