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How to print an image in Windows 8

The process for printing an image in Windows 8 has not changed much compared with previous operating systems like Windows XP and Windows 7.
print image in windows 8
print image in windows 8 by Intel Free Press
This operating system will see the same window that lets you print from an image up to four images per page on same page.
While print more than one image per page is not what we want mostly, this procedure will show us the possibility to print any image you have in the viewer directly to your printer with the ability to use all the tools provided to us the new viewer 8.

Next tell a legend that all descriptions of the previous image which varies as you can see not much compared to the previous design display images. Windows image see image below...
image viewer windows 8
image viewer windows 8

  1. Here you can select the printer you want to print the image you are viewing.
  2. Select the paper size on which you want to print the photo you are viewing at the time.
  3. Select the resolution you want to get the image you are watching, you know that the decision is related to the DPI printer, visit the following link to know which is the DPI imrpesora.
  4. In this option, select the type of paper, it can not be confused with the paper size, the image may be necessary to print on thicker paper.
  5. In this option, the print size is selected, it does not refer to the paper size if the image size, should select a smaller picture size and get a good quality images are divided on the page.
  6. More options, advanced options that we can do more settings to the image you want to print.
  7. This option is where you can select whether to print the image being displayed without or with borders. If you select the option fil frame image option not leave a blank space on the sides of the image.
  8. The number of pages that will print can select this option, just so long to put the number of copies you want to print and is just the number of pages that are output from the printer.
  9. This is the preview image, which appears in this space as the image will on the page. Results may vary depending on the printing quality that we have.
When according to the modifications or settings you made in the image click on Print.

To print multiple images on a single page

With this operating system you can select the varied amount of images that can print on one page, we can even find the images in our computer and print from the viewer. This option was available in Windows 7 this version is slightly improved.
  • Using a mouse fence at the top right of the screen, move the mouse and click search.
  • Write the file browser or word pictures click picture library.
  • And where you can view images select all images you want to select more than one image must press and let down the "Ctrl" and go severing one by one all the images. When you have all the images you want to print select click the same folder in the upper part print.
With this it is possible to print any image without the need for independent softwar the operating system.


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