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How to print text documents from Google Drive

Now everything has changed, before it was necessary to buy a word processor (which by the way are very expensive) install on your computer, print any document from your computer and it was impossible to think open this document in cellular or mobile devices.
google driver how can print by flickr
google driver how can print by Yuko Honda
Even today it is difficult compatibility of some documents produced with traditional processors in cell phones and tablets.

Google has long looking how to get to the office, ensuring its stability is in serious business, revenue recorded by large companies using its services want this and any other company today.

Those who know and know that Google can do with all the tools provided to us Internet giant, Google Drive would use as their primary tool for a company to develop text documents, benefits, leaves, stones or any other application of this tool.

Print is not as difficult, even identical to when it is done from the Google Chrome browser, to print in the clouds with Google Cloud Print is the best option that exists today. The procedure step by step, including some settings that can be made before sending the document.

Always before printing this and any word processor is recommended that you preview, know that your document will look and print, you can be avoided before printing any irregularity or change the form of the document to your liking.
google drive in the clouds device support
google drive in the clouds device support
If we use the Chrome browser when viewing the document being edited is the same it will have on the already printed pages. If you use other browsers like Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer follow this procedure:
  • From the same document select file > print.
  • When you click print a PDF document is downloaded, open it and see what will be the document will look like. You can help as printing a document format pdf
  • Print this document by clicking file > print, a dialog box click print.
If you are using the Chrome browser follow the procedure below:
  • From the same document select file > print.
  • The Chrome dialog box opens for configuring and printing preferences. configure as needed.
  • Finally click print.
The process for printing from Google Drive is simple, if you take the decision to use this as the default word processor we recommend using the Chrome browser.


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