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How to print a Web page using Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer the second most used browser worldwide according to StatCounter page, the browser also allows us to print via the dialogue system.
inrernet explorer
internet explorer
The same dialogue we use to print from Microsoft Office or print an image using the image viewer of Windows.
The procedure to print any page you're viewing in the browser, you may be able to change a process depending on which version you have installed the Explorer.

First of all it is good to know that you need a printer installed and operated without any errors like this present paper jam or ink cartridge erroneous.

The fastest way to get the resulting dialog and print-ready form is pressing keyboard keys Ctrl + P. It is always recommended to make a page display, web pages often contain more elements than they appear it is recommended to check whether page has a printable version.
print dialog box to Internet Explorer
print dialog box to Internet Explorer
With the window to print we can only select the printer you want to print, we can make settings to this page even allows us to print a personalized way, because it detects that we are trying to print from a website gives us the possibility boards links or print linked documents.

Should be the first time and not have any installed printer is necessary to make the installation of a printer. Another way to make a print from Internet Explorer  is the same way we print using Microsoft Office or any other word processor. procedure below...

  • We go to the left of our page. If you have a version of Internet Explorer  Advanced we must press "Ctrl" and appear all available options.
  • Select option No. 7 up.
print for Internet Explorer with file menu
print for Internet Explorer with file menu
If you need help or have a version of Windows that is not compatible with this tutorial make a comment on this publication.


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