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How to remove error 5B00 in printers Canon PIXMA iP2702

The Canon of this type, "the PIXMA" printers have errors of this type frequently, and we should not worry if this error is because you fill the ink cartridges, or because the ink cartridges are empty.
There is a quick and very effective way to eliminate this error, if the printer is not settled with the procedure that will raise then it is advisable to contact a person with more knowledge of printers, even if your printer has ink system contact the people who sold the printer.

As we said before, this error occurs because of lack of ink cartridges "hot cartridge connectors" or because the ink cartridge has reached the limit of print. "we must fill the ink cartridges..."
canon printers flicker 2702
canon printers flicker 2702

Step to eliminate the error 5B00 in the Canon PIXMA iP2702

  1. Preferably the printer is on trying to print and the error on the screen of our computer.
  2. We pressed and stay for at least 15 seconds button stop / reset until the printer starts a proceed as if it were printed. "button below in picture".
  3. We wait to remove the message from the computer screen.
  4. We tried again and we wait to print the pages out.
As it said before, if after this procedure the printer can not print and continued presenting the same mistake, fill the ink cartridges or we contact the person who supports us regarding printers.


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