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How to upgrade Windows 7 to recognize printers and print without problems

The Windows 7 operating system gives us ease of simply connecting the printer and it begins to run smoothly.
windows 7 with ligth
by Alex Gorzen
When connecting the printer in the lower right of your monitor where all notifications from the task bar appears to us that it has detected new hardware, it will start a process of automatic installation by searching the database compatible universal drivers with the printer you have connected.
If it is installed and when you do you need to know you are doing installations basic and universal drivers, these drivers simply a bit all printer tasks, if we can print without problems and do basic printer functions.

The upgrade your operating system does not guarantee that the printer works correctly, depend on printer have that computer has.

The system update process may take a long time, after starting the update is recommended not to turn off the computer or printer or disconnect the electrical power cord.

An easy way to get from the computer desk is open on the computer home, located in the lower left of your monitor and Windows symbol.

When will we see a browser which says "Search programs and files" write "UPDATE" us appear at the top of the same window corresponding to start at the top.
search Windows Update window
search Windows Update window
And with the printer connected to the computer while this is installed but not part of the computer will be able to search for drivers, the system detects the device and search its database drivers related to the references of the printer.

In the upper left part of the window that opens Windows Update corresponding to an option that says check for updates will appear, just simply click and wait for this to be updated, the system detects only the time required to download.

It is possible that in the process a password or administrator permissions, as you know facilities will be made so the system requires user authorization, request this process is normal just have to accept and click Continue.

The recommendation is that when you finish the upgrade process turn off the computer, disconnect our computer printer and wait a moment.

Then you turn on the computer when in full operation as the printer which has been first turned, we hope that now the search engine driver in the toolbar to detect it.

Failure to obtain results with this procedure try installing drivers using the decompression of archives and direct update from the device manager.

It is a more complicated process but will solve the problem once and for all, it is recommended to download the basic drivers for this procedure, if you do not really have a specific use full options sometimes drivers are a problem.


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