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HP ink cartridge 122 prints pages completely blank

The HP 122 ink cartridges are completely fill occasions, we even check the ink that they have inside but when pages are printed out completely blank.

An easy way to check the ink cartridges is passing the cartridge head (where the ink out) on a napkin or some toilet paper, may be any soft paper, it is recommended not to use paper with which we print this is very thick, you can not feel the proper functioning of the cartridges.
When the HP 122 ink cartridges completely printed in white is for several reasons, then we try to explain and provide possible solutions for the print cartridge again and not have to spend money buying a new ink cartridge. possible causes and solutions...

The ink cartridge is empty

These ink cartridges do not print the same amount as the previous cartridges from the same manufacturer when buying new original, about 120 pages are obtained according to the manufacturer actually fewer pages are obtained ie when the cartridge is filled only receive half pages or less.

If we are used to the products of this manufacturer is conceivable that we will get more pages, say about 100 pages with cartridge and print without waiting for the ink to spend when you spend it does surprise and we believe that the ink ran out as the last option.

The solution when the ink cartridge is empty this fill, we can help our publication how filling out a 122 HP ink cartridge, it is actually an easy process we should only have the necessary materials and proceed to the letter.

The ink cartridge is very full

The ink cartridges of any brand need to inject the ink, which is why we are called printers (inkjet), when much ink cartridges have the printhead say is covered with the same ink, having liquid for places where they should go without free jets, the ink does not come out with the precision necessary pressure.

In most cases, the ink does not come out, this will give us pages with a few drops of ink at the edges of the page and a blank page with no signs of letters.

The solution to eliminate some ink cartridges is to leave the head above any material as napkin or toilet paper to absorb the ink cartridge free.

You can help shake the ink cartridge as if we expel something that is inside before put protection in the head to prevent ink spills.

The ink cartridge is clogged

After repeatedly refilled cartridges reduce the possibility of printing and ink cartridges HP 122 which we know are not the most resilient and strong, it is possible that the head clogging.

If we fill the ink cartridge and leave a long time unused or out of the printer also cover even frecuete, therefore it is recommended to remove the cartridge from the printer only when fence filling and immediately bring the cartridge to be refilled.

The solution is to try to unclog the cartridge, there are several methods such as uncovering a cartridge, however the recommendation of us is trying to uncover the ink cartridge in your home, you get a range of materials to help solve the problem without damaging the cartridge ink.


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