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Install printer wireless or wired network in Windows 8

Previously we have seen in our blog how to install a driver in Windows 8, now let's turn the drivers built into the operating system, for wired or wireless network.
wireless router
When the built-in printer drivers are activated it does not work this in full, at least the front buttons on the printer stops working and some of the allowances of the same.
Extra options like printer settings stop working if can get images from the slot that reads the reports on the front of the printer, scan documents, print documents in full.

It is possible that the printer installed automatically, it is recommended to follow the procedure below:

  1. Click settings
  2. Appears a search box I typed "printer device"
  3. Appears printer devices, click on these results.
  4. Then click on add printer device, the computer will start searching for available printers.
  5. Select the printer you want and click next.
  6. The operating system detects the driver that goes with your printer and installed automatically.
  7. When installation is complete the Add Printer window appears, you must change the printer name if you want and click Next.
  8. Choose whether to use this printer as the default and click Next.
This printer to use it as a wireless printer or share for other device to see it go to properties of it and allow other computers to see.


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