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It affects the operation of the printer ink (refill cartridges)

It's really an easy question to answer and complex at the same time, the answer is "NO" hurts the printer ink refill cartridges, now... it depends from what point of view you see the refill a cartridge and printer let's fill.
refill ink cartridge
refill ink cartridge by Kathleen Leavitt Cragun
Normally, HP, Lexmark, Canon printers have no problem filling an ink cartridge, even these depend on printer are talking about the problem to fill an ink cartridge for a printer might say not suitable for ink cartridge ink, but the cartridge itself is not the problem, the problem is with the system printer you use to print.

For example a printer with the print head not connected to the ink cartridge is a big problem if we put the ink that does not belong to the cartridge.

The heads of independent ink cartridge is clogged if the ink flowing through them is not normally used by the printer to print, so far is the only way that you can do damage to a printer ink refill cartridges.

Another thing is that the ink cartridges refilled after the printer does not recognize, but it really does not hurt the printer, is simply that the ink cartridge ran out and the printer recognizes that this can no longer be filled more, for this there are some reset on the Internet that can solve this problem, or just buy another cartridge.

The individual ink cartridges are self that is (are connected to the cartridge head) suffer any damage this is the cartridge who have nothing to do with the cartridge, this is reality.

Not others have some guidance from someone with more experience with the refill cartridges, and most importantly, as mentioned above using the correct ink for the ink cartridge that is compatible with the printer, otherwise it can cause serious problems but only some types of printers.


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