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Process to remove objects stuck in Canon printers

Canon printers IP type is the type L input tray, objects have many jams can be coins, pencil, insects or any other object.
canon printer type L
canon printer type L by mshades
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The main disadvantages of printers taking paper from the top is that you can get anything and interrupt the prints when this happens we should consider a process to get whatever it is entered into the printer.

The first thing to try is to take whatever you've entered the printer where it entered, the top of the printer, so it can use any object that can grab the object.

Make the whole process very carefully, something important to know is that it will come out the bottom of the printer.

It's not as simple as it seems, we must have knowledge of how printers work at this point, it is necessary to conserve and that everything goes well with your printer, it will be different depending on what type of printer you have and what kind of object has entered the top of the printer.

If your printer has an ink system continues the process is faster and easier, we just note that the printer has no pages and disconnect the power cord as much electricity as the USB cable, turn the printer without any strings attached since the printer will bottom up.

If you have a Canon printer ink system installed must do everything possible to disconnect the ink system, let ink system in place and turn the printer only, however if the printer ink system does not have the possibility disconnect your continuous ink system, we must continue the process connected with the ink system.

At this point we must put the stoppers to the ink system, then the printer may trouble us with colors either ink hoses are not filled by full, this is solved by a process of deep cleaning the printer .


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