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Remove extraneous noise when scanning with Epson printers

Not all Epson printers are multifunctional, as we know the more functions of the printer is more likely to damage any part of it.
printer escaner with apple red
printer escaner with apple red by innovate360
Epson printers are no exception even these printers are very vulnerable to any case of physical damage.
Scanner noise is something that can happen on any printer, usually due to problems with the bearing scanner, the scanner may appear completely blank when searching fence scanned document.

The fact is it is completely white because the scanner light stops and captures only a portion around the contour scanning.

"Superior knowledge of printers is needed"

You need to know something more than print from a printer to clear an error like this, because we have to disarm the top of your printer, we will need the help of a screwdriver between some other tools.

In case you yourself venture to do the job without much knowledge of printers, or at least disarm a printer it is recommended to put everything as it was, if possible you can use pictures to identify the location of each piece when attempting to assemble the printer again.

And disarmed the top of the printer, where the scanner is try to take the light rail from the scanner to the home position, this is the one that lets you scan documents, it should be centered right in the lane. You must verify that there is something blocking the passage of all the gear scanner.

After checking everything must be put back piece by piece in place, down to the smallest detail, in case no solution is scanner may need to disconnect the scanner and that future cases may present general error printer fault have a scanner connected inoperative.


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