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Remove paper jam in printer Canon PIXMA iP2700

The Canon iP 2700 printers are high-performance and very good teams to work much resistance even a printer for home use.

Something that does not help these printers is the way this pulls the pages, this is called form "L" is a kind of form it takes pages on top of the printer, through the printing process and comes out the front of the printer.
The error appears to us is a paper jam, the printer will ask us we press the resume button and the printer continues to print, do what it says the printer on the computer screen but the error continues, the printer will try to print but the problem will continue.

The disadvantage is that the iP 2700 pages with it may take some object or dirty in the printing process (gears) this can create paper jams inside the printer, along with it is equally possible that among some on an object or even an insect, the printer submit the following error with possible symptoms described below.
where paper jams occur
where paper jams occur
As you can see in the picture just this place is where we must do everything possible to locate the jammed page, as mentioned above can get here from insects to pieces of paper, what we must do is turn the printer this part down to disconnect all cables and take small bumps if we see that nothing comes we must resort to other measures.

Remember to properly inspect the area where the city pages, it's just stuck in this place where objects and dirt from the printer which accumulate as time remain.

If the process explained above it does not work we try to pass something through this place like a leaf but a more resistant material.

A piece of parchment is recommended a notebook or whatever it easier for you to understand, one of the covers of a book and use the cut to pass through the printer, just the printing process.

You can use any other piece of cardboard or paperboard having the shape of a page but strong to allow us to remove or expel any object compulsory staying where the printer copy the letters on paper.

If the printer continues to trouble our recommendation is to bring the printer where a technician, you may have to disarm this fix for the problem.


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