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Remove paper jam in printer HP Deskjet 2050 All-in-one

When we see a paper jam on the HP printers first thing is that this really has a role in the printing process, we know that the problem may also occur even without paper inside the printer.

The process to be followed when a printer paper jam depend on what the printer, something that if is recommended for all printers is that the paper jam abruptly is eliminated, it is convenient to look at the manual printer before starting the process to remove the jam.
With paper jam HP printers flashes begin to display the button on the printer, flashing buttons ink cartridges, but do not have problems but flash in this way is that the printer tells us when this presenting an error in the printer. see image below...
flashing printer paper jam
flashing printer paper jam
The process to remove the paper jam in this type of HP printer is almost the same as for any printer of the same brand, modern printers have a cleaning cover, this as his name says his job is to clean the pages before enter the place where the ink will be placed on the page.

Before checking whether the printer has a paper jam must check that the cleaning cover and make the cleaning process to remove any debris that makes the pages do not pass normally, we do this by touching the two ends of the cover and putting cleanup in place again.

After each process and attempt to remove the paper jam should do a test and see if the problem persists, if we see that the problem continues to follow the next step.

In most access HP gives us the possibility to eliminate paper jams are in the back of the printer printers, the HP Deskjet 2050 All-in-one is no exception, visually check if we see a piece of It is worth paper, this can also clog the printing process and file paper jam the printer as well.

If the paper jam is such that nothing is visible inside the printer and can be considered invisible paper jam, remove all the paper and turn the printer off, wait about 5 minutes with the printer turned off and log on again and try printing.

Paper jams in these printers can be fatal because these printers are not much resistance, keep in mind that you can contact the customer service of HP, is a good choice because after we look and not get a solution it is possible that the problem lies in the printer, the occasional problem factory which only support HP can determine and we get a totally free repair or replacement.


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