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Repair or throw away the printer important decision

With printers all depends on what is taken to make such an important decision like this, and what is the problem that has caused the printer to think about throwing it away, the truth if it is a simple problem would not be necessary to throw the printer can repair, plus if the printer has a high acquisition cost must seek the possibility of repair.
old printer
old printer by Riccardo Cambiassi
If it comes to a printer about 3 years ago the possibility of obtaining it again they are many, so it would not be a problem after taking the printer where a technician who is to say that no solution replaced by another, now if we talk about a printer is about 5 years ago very difficult to achieve the same at the same cost we must exhaust all repair processes looking for the opportunity to fix it.
Another thing is how functional is this equipment to us, there are printers that we definitely fell in love with them, not so nice and fast maybe if not for the work that we do with them are printers that might not printed many and we have achieved and this only makes us an operation that other printers do not do or have not got one of these on the market.
i love printer
i love printer
Another factor influential in the decision of whether to repair or replace the printer is the price of repair, mean we can not pay more to repair a printer what this cost even several repairs it can not exceed the cost of the printer, but the printer can no longer be achieved, although the price of printers has skyrocketed.

The year of using a printer, you might consider always even need a printer, but we really like a printer if it is a printer that goes from five years of use, because they do not let this rest, because they keep using it and think that this will give us more when it's okay, printers have one-time use of a few years, it is not advisable to continue using a printer for over seven years, for example, is only a machine, should we as users change improve and evolve.


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