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The printer only prints the first page correct the other half blurred or streaked

When printing a document seek to obtain good quality, we have previously done a publication of pages when printing out completely blank, this does not make much difference except that the pages start out well and then end badly.
half page with black or problem
half page with black or problem
(No letters pages) Something is certain, in this case there are some obvious reasons why this printer error, then a possible solution for each of them.
The solutions presented here are those that presented above, a solution has been taken but the possibility of other causes that generate this problem is discarded.

The main reason affecting the printers when these problems appear is the ink cartridge, you may spend this point, we can identify when the ink cartridge is good or is low on using the tool to know the estimated ink levels the cartridge. Not all printers have this option available.

If the ink cartridge is empty can replace the cartridge or buy a new one if you want it, you should do the replacement or refill as soon as possible, this way you avoid damaging the cartridge or printer damage. (Printers are not damaged by refilling ink cartridges or having empty ink cartridge inside).

Another case because the impressions can go only half of the page is because of the connection to the computer, it must be firm and strong, ie connect the printer to the computer in the most powerful connectors it is of vital importance not it is recommended to connect the printer to USB strips or front USB port of the computer.

Should you be making copies of pages, it is possible that the problem lies in the scanner of the printer, as we said earlier printers copy what they receive, if a printer is receiving only half a page because the scanner has stopped It is what is printed on the copy.

Check scanner, preferably with the lid open without this document, do as you are scanning a document, see as far as the scanner comes, if you see that this is stopped halfway down the page that is the problem. (Advanced technical knowledge is needed to work in this area)

If the printer has an error while printing, which may pass, just when printing or printer to be printed if a printer error this will completely of it, half appears, if appear before the printer error leads of the printed page when the error is just stops and puts the rest in white appears.

Try to uncover the ink cartridges as soon as possible is said that an ink cartridge is spent, but if this new ink cartridge refilling is possible that this this covered, so we must uncover the ink cartridge, follow the process easier and easy to uncover an ink cartridge.

Finally check the document you print, you may print this when has passed to the next page, eliminating much of the text, remember the printer prints it receives from the computer, should send only half the page is what you get.


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