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What is the cost per page

We must bear in mind this information before buying a printer, or buy a replacement ink cartridge.

It's cost per page is nothing more than a calculation is made based on the number of pages that can yield a cartridge on the price that this acquisition has.
cost for page
cost for page by Dan Taylr
We say it is important because of the need to really know how many pages will get and what the actual price of each product, unless a special case almost all printers give the same print quality, one that varies depending on manufacturer and other factors but almost always the same, and why not find a printer which we more pages for the same price.
Calculate the cost per page is simple, we just divide the price of the cartridge between the number of pages that we get, but we know that many pages will get with an ink cartridge.

Simple!!!, who sells us the cartridge should know this information also packing the cartridge must have this information otherwise visit our publications, as knowing that amount of pages printed per ml of ink.

Select the right inkjet printer ink is a task of great importance, we have a printer for a long time, providing supplies, it depends on how expensive can leave the supply of a whole working time, the cost per page could say what is most important when selecting a printer and then buy it.


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