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What to do for used a printer after a long time stored

When any equipment either printer or any other electrical before use after all the time saved must follow a series of procedures for the proper functioning, it saved a printer is no exception, these after being stored for a long time often accumulate a series of rubbish and obstructions that may damage the operation.
printer storage
printer storage
Pieces like I had the head, ink cartridges and printing process suffer the full printer problems, some of them can be solved other even present so many problems that we can only vote on printer.

The ink cartridges can be clogged

The ink cartridges may be reaching clogged, after so long unused cartridges come to dry the ink they have inside, the component of the ink is flammable and when exposed to air that dries quickly when it gets like page.

It is recommended first of all check if the printer is in good condition, this can be called to verify that the printer at least print, ie if the ink cartridges are clogged completely try to print them, if the page is blank the printer is in perfect condition.

The tube that transports the head of the left to the right printer

It is possible that this need lubricant, check rust signals to be cleaned, need sandpaper to remove the rust that blocks the passage of printer head, do everything carefully to avoid causing further damage to the printer.

Avoid using water to clean the printer, is not suitable dropping water directly to the printer, use a damp cloth for cleaning, if you have something they call compressed air is much better, this is a can of air that can manipulate where put it where let the air do cleaning of all particles that can do damage to the printer.

Check the printer completely

The printer after spending so much time stored can save waste, these wastes produce jams, jams printer carriage and noise problems in the printer, carefully it inspect the printer completely, if this does get debris inside can cause problem printing process even damage your printer.


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