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What to do if the printer marks errors when they use generic ink cartridges

Generic ink cartridges or remanufactured ink cartridges are a more affordable price than the original ink cartridges, buying these ink cartridges can get a 60% to more affordable than original ink cartridges.
epson generic ink cartridges
epson generic ink cartridges
These cartridges as their quality is lower is the possibility of more problems than the original ink cartridges, here are a number of procedures that can help solve problems that may arise these ink cartridges.
The first thing is not to touch the ink cartridges to refill again, which has sold ink cartridges have to ensure considerable number of pages, if the cartridge is not giving the number of pages immediately contact the seller.

You can only make a connector cleaning cartridge, if the ink cartridge is not recognized by the printer, as well as a new ink cartridge can make a check and cleaning cartridge connectors, not more of it.

Do not remove any labels generic cartridge, vendors of this type of cartridge placed numbering labels or ink cartridges, these allow you to verify information or making remanufactured cartridges to dislodge any label cartridge can lose the guarantee of thereof.

Immediately contact the seller of the product, it is necessary as with any other product you buy in case of problems contact the seller consult manufacturer early in any problems that this product is the best way to make a warranty claim, the manufacturer it has information that the product is not working from the outset and considers provide a guarantee.


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