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What to do when the printer does not move the rollers to print

The roller bearing cartridge pages to complete the printing process. In some cases it is possible that they do not move, then a number of possible solutions that can help the printer to continue working without problems.
big printer inside
big printer inside by Jan Glas
The first thing to do if you have the printer print for a long time and this stops moving the rollers is stop and let it rest for a long time, it is possible for this printer to collapse a time without electrical connection without use can help.
We have outstanding that it is possible that some insect or object has entered the printer and interrupted the printing process, so we must look bright preferably in the part through which all the paper in the printer, remove any piece broken paper with the printer in this space and continue our impression.

If the problem persists and your printer has lost the warranty hire an experienced, if your printer is under warranty talk to customer service of the manufacturer, you can get a solution or complete change of the printer without charge.

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