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Why I can not print documents from Microsoft Office Word

The word processor Microsoft Office despite being paid is the most widely used worldwide, their leader in their products is Microsoft Word which allows you to edit and print documents and with arrangements quickly and easily.

Maybe one day you need to print a document and it is not possible, the system did not present any mistakes, just page through the printer never goes out.
When a page is not printed it is for many reasons, but when you're trying to print from Microsoft Word the possibilities are reduced, then considerations because we can not print from the program and possible solutions.

Where to begin is to verify if the printer is installed, however if the problem is only to print from Microsoft Office that it is that the problem lies elsewhere.

Anyway confirm whether the printer is installed not more. To find out if a printer is installed or not we should go home then Printers and Faxes if you use the Windows XP operating system when using Windows Vista or printing devices.

Us a list of devices and equipment installed printers appears, visually confirm that the model name of the printer you want print.
microsoft word
microsoft word
Another thing is that we got used to it easy, have a printer installed and printing with the press of Ctrl + P is normal, it is necessary to stop this as the default printer, not just for Microsoft Word if not all programs when a printer as defaults must select and print only this will as the main option is placed.

Something that is difficult also print from Microsoft Word is a program configuration message and accept the margins of a document etc, usually no problems with the processor and only printer problems.

We verify the configuration of the same, it is possible that any document queued or poor connectivity with the team.


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