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Why not put ink systems printers with HP 122 cartridges

The HP 122 ink cartridges have a very bad reputation of operation, even opting to buy these and fill much less try to install a continuous ink system.
hp 122 ink cartridge black inside
hp 122 ink cartridge black inside
It is a serious mistake that is high time to put it in the sight of all, both technicians and users must know the truth of the operating system both ink and cartridges.It is advisable to put an ink system to a printer that uses HP 122 ink cartridges by the ability of these ink cartridges is not a secret to anyone that these ink cartridges only print about 100 pages.

It should not be a secret that these cartridges are covered more than usual in other cartridges even of the same brand, the ink cartridges of this type burn quickly and the storage capacity is very low.

Imagine an ink system providing constant ink in an ink cartridge that does not have much resistance in the head as the Canon cartridges, which is in view does not need glasses.

You can see the picture inside the cartridge, where the ink sponge is stored, if you ever get this to have more than 5ml of ink, ink cartridge immediately started making ink spills.

Another factor that does not help much in printers that use this type of cartridge is the possibility of adapting the hose so that it works correctly.

This blog has never supported the possibility of putting an ink system for HP printers let alone modern cartridges with low resistance, HP ink cartridge does not have the same ability to support both work and ink cartridges Canon or Epson ink.


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