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Why the printer can not print the entire page

Our printer requires some setup to print the pages of the size needed automatically (the size should be compatible with the printer). No need manual configuration before printing a document.

The printer must recognize the size of the document and sends us to be responsible the page printer is the same size, the processor tells the printer the size of this page to be printed can not be changed.
If the printer configuration is lost or put different printer pages in size to be printed, missing pages or text halved they are received.

To operate the printer automatically to the size of the page must make a configuration that prevails in the printer properties.

The process is simple and varies depending on which printer, operating system and default settings for your printer for printing processes have.

  • Let's go to printers and devices in Windows XP (printers and faxes)
  • Right click the printer you want to configure selected printer properties.
  • We search across the upper lash the paper option.
  • We look for a related option AUTO or automatic selection.
As mentioned before, the process may vary depending what your printer, but other factors influence the problem is really setting. Perhaps the problem lies in the printer, many often have a factory setting that must be configured.

Not to be confused with configuration problems cartridge errors or poor print quality, there are pages that are cut in half when the ink cartridge has problems (only applies to printers with ink cartridges) for our publication recommended this page prints only the half and blurry.


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