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Why the printer does not work after formatting the computer

If you have formatted the computer and the printer does not print is because the driver that allows communication possibility between the printer and computer is not properly installed or configured.

To do this we have only one option and method, install the printer or rather install drivers that allow the printer to print thanks to the information sent by the computer.
The process of printing from computer to printer is made up of several factors, one of the most important is the driver.

Follow what are the physical connection of the hardware that is to say we can see that insurance is correct, these are the power connector cable and the USB cable from the computer to the printer.

Before starting the installation of drivers or driver it is recommended to check the USB connection and electrical connection of the printer.
printer and computer connected
printer and computer connected
And after checking the connection of both electrical and data connection that is to say (USB connection) and see that there is no problem we proceed with the installation of the drivers on the computer, this is a simple process as such as installing a webcam or even install a computer monitor.

Follow the procedure to install a driver from the Internet if you do not have the drivers on a CD.

And after downloading these drivers and in case you have trouble installing you can choose installation and updating them decompressing files from the computer properties.

There are many aspects to consider when installing a printer as knowing the operating system that is important, this will depend on which drivers or driver downloaded from the Internet.

If you have the drivers on a CD follow the procedure for installing from the CD that brings the printer manufactures.

Should just put the CD into the drive of our computer, it is possible that this run alone, proceed to tell you the CD and install the printer.


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