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How to solve the error P10 Canon printers

The P10 error in Canon inkjet printers is when you have a paper jam. You may encounter the error and not see the paper.

Then a series of procedures to help you remove a paper jam, even if you do not see the paper.

How to reset the printer multifunctional Canon PIXMA MG4110

If we fill our ink cartridges, or have a continuous ink system, we need the procedure to restore the cartridges, at least every time you fill or 250 average pages printed.

The new ink cartridges from the printer to recognize the level of ink, as we printed, messages amount printed pages are sent.

How to solve the 0xc19a0035 error "problem of printer or ink system"

The 0xc19a0035 error usually occurs in HP printers independent head cartridge. These were introduced to the market in recent days, using four ink cartridges and a head that unites like a tricolor ink cartridge.
hp print head clean
hp print head clean
The advantage of these printers is that we can change an ink cartridge when it is damaged. The other cartridges are working properly do not need to change them. The disadvantage of these printers is an additional piece called printhead.

How to install a printer on Mac OS X 10.5.8 or earlier

Only users with administrator accounts can make the installation of printers or other hardware. The following procedure is to add a printer connected via a USB cable and drivers for the updated list of equipment will be taken.
Mac OS X
Mac OS X
If you have no printer drivers you can download from the manufacturer's website, they can help our publications on how to download the drivers from the manufacturer's website. use the search...

How to reset the HP 60 cartridges in multifuntionals printers

The following procedure works to restore HP 60 ink cartridges both tricolor black as the only multifunctional printers or all in one.

Only work if you have multifunctional printers for the number of buttons we press, the downside of this method is that we do each time the printer is turned on. If you have a printer that is not all in one go the reset procedure with tape.

Print only black with Canon printers in Mac OS X

The procedure for printing using the black ink cartridge Canon printers. Only for devices with Mac OS X systems, if you use Windows as the operating system you should look at our publication printed only in black with Canon printers from Windows.

Resolve the error code 1300 in Canon printers

The error code 1300 is presented by Canon printer paper jam, we will appear on the printer screen and the corresponding error No. 3 from your computer error "E3".

First of all is encouraged to try to clear the jam plain paper, pull any paper with the including the top printer. Turn the printer off and on again, check if the error continues well into the printer.

How to solve the error 6A80 in Canon PIXMA printers

This is a general error in Canon printers, occurs when the print head is covered then a procedure that will help us solve the problem and then reset code to restore your computer.

So that this error does not appear again after deleting it is always recommended lubricate constantly had through which passes the printhead.

How to solve the error 306 in Canon printers installed on Mac

This error occurs in printers installed on computers that use the Mac system, our computer error appears 10.6.2 and 306 printer error.

The causes of this error are a lack of communication between the printer and our equipment, we must first verify the connection of the printer must be properly connected to the computer and then try to print again.

Fix print queue and remove Error 1053

If we send printed and displayed error 1053 is because I fail the connection, the service did not respond the request at the right time.

You can fix this problem by obtaining the latest service pack for Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1. In case of no obtain a solution with the procedure explained above, follow the steps below.

Connected wirelessly printer Canon PIXMA MG5250

The printers have a screen 6 cm, advanced multifunctional printing capabilities for Wi-Fi and double-sided without user intervention.
printer canon pixma mg
printer canon pixma mg
It should be noted that we can print your CD discs with this equipment, also has very easy to manipulate even people with little computer knowledge interface.

Remove an error B200 Canon printers (unclean connectors cartridges)

We have seen a solution to this problem when it occurs by heating in the ink cartridges, the workshop has been identified that can be presented by dirty connectors in the cartridges.
error B200 in Canon printer
error b200 in canon printer
When a cartridge is not correctly recognized by the printer, the B200 error may appear to us on the screen, then steps to eliminate this error cleaning cartridge connectors.

Reset the ink absorber Canon printers e510

The full ink absolvedores is an error that appears in the Canon printer after printing a number of high pages. These sponges are physically with the printer where lie just below the cartridges after printing.
printer full ink deposit
printer full ink deposit
When we head cleaning in cartridges, ink will emerge that these sponges, each cleaning process printing cartridges becomes sponges will, with the passage of time are filled with ink and need cleaning.

What to do if your printer only prints in yellow colors

Inkjet printers most have two cartridges, one black and one with three base colors, which can make any color.
yellow color when you print
yellow color when you print by flickr
There are printers that have four cartridges, one color that it remains the same today. The case is when we have a printer that only prints one color, for example yellow, when we send an image or a document that has only the yellow color appears.

How to scan a document using the program Canon MP Navigator EX

The MP Navigator EX software allows us to analyze, save and print photos and documents from any compatible Canon printer.

MP Navigator EX is a free software that Canon has made available to consumers of graphics products. It is compatible with Windows XP / 2000 Pro / Vista / Server 2008 / Windows 7 / Windows 8 operating systems.

How to print an e-mail in the new Hotmail

Microsoft has changed some aspects of its environment after the release of Windows 8, as many know Hotmail is Microsoft's email.
Outlook by Microsoft
Outlook by Microsoft
Now it called Outlook also MSN, the fact is that unlike before, has now changed the position of the icon that allows us to print an email.

Getting to printing devices in different versions of Windows

The possible solution to minor problems are resolved printer configuration from folder printing devices. Here are all the printers installed on our computer and other the same workgroup.

How to change the paper size in Canon inkjet printers

Before printing a page type it is necessary to verify compatibility with the printer, although this support it, there are many types of paper but not all printer can process.

When we send to print, to exit the document focused on their margins, must be sent from the computer, the same role you have in the printer.

Free driver for Epson Stylus Photo R1800

The Epson Stylus Photo R1800 high-resolution seven colors is small and quality manufacturer Epson, easy handling acquire and good equipment.

Paper sizes in millimeters and inches

The printers accept a variety of paper sizes, we have always recommended before putting a paper to be printed go to the manufacturer's website or our manual and see if we can put our printer.

Solve the problem when we try to print computer ask save file

When we are trying to print a document, a pop-up appears to save as a file, it is a problem we can solve when we finish reading this publication.

Before anything else need to know put the printer as default. When a printer is installed is not everything, to print directly without first selecting the printer, you must set it considers as the default, usually we use most, or the one you have.

What to do if your printer only prints in red

Cartridge printers primarily use two cartridges, one black and one tricolor (mean all three colors bases) CMY, it is possible that one day the page is printed entirely in red when you are waiting black or any other color.

When this happens the color cartridge or better said the other colors have problems when sent to print an image is almost always red.

Reset the ink levels in Canon PIXMA MP230

The ink levels of Canon PIXMA MP230 printers are based on the number of pages we've printed, there is no way of seeing the ink cartridges are inside.

As we printing cartridge sends information to the printer connector on the amount of pages you have printed.

What to do when the printer stops printing and does not completed

If you're here, it is because when you want to print, the printer stops and tells you that you can not print.

We left half page and do nothing, "supposedly is printing" but we get an error on the printer screen when we press the power button to resume printing or to delete the message we launched the site without letters.

How sharing a printers Canon in network (workgroup)

Share a network printer should not be something otherworldly, it all depends what operating system used, the Canon printers connected to the USB cable can be shared on the network when you want, other computers on the same network group can print anytime as if the printer was connected to your computer.

The process for sharing the printer is the same on all systems, the only thing that changes is the way to get to the printers to make the settings. What follows is the configuration for Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems if you have any other system or require custom support write a comment below.

Download HP PSC 1315 All-in-one printer free driver

The HP PSC 1315 multifunction printer lets you print, scan and copy, using HP ink cartridges 56 black and 57 tricolor ink cartridges both high performance.

You may want to know how to fill these cartridges:

  1. How to fill ink cartridge HP 56 black
  2. How to fill ink cartridge HP 57 tricolor
Before downloading the drivers should know that only necessary when using the Windows XP operating system, for which the procedure recommended below to install the drivers.

List of Top 5 Wireless Printer in 2013

Today we see the need to reduce spaces in offices and homes, is why the daily printer manufacturers put on sale more multifunctional printers.

In our publications list, we have seen the 5 best multifunction printers 2013, in the list below of the top 5 printers to print wirelessly 2013 will see many multifunction printers.

Solving flashing (light on) in HP printer

In the HP printers usually flashing the button to turn on when you have problems with the printer mechanism, this stops unexpectedly or paper jams.
solving flashing (light on) in HP printer
solving flashing (light on) in HP printer
Even flickering for some other case may arise, which indicates that something is wrong with the printer, do not confuse the light when printing with light error is normal in some HP printers and is only for a moment then continuous printing.

The printer said insert cartridges but are already inside (solution)

The following error usually occurs more in HP printers, but printers like Canon, Lexmark, Dell, Epson and Brother may also exhibit this problem.

More when we buy remanufactured cartridges or fill ink cartridges, the problem is the old cartridge or printer.

What to do when Epson printer with ink system does not recognize the cartridges

Epson printers with continuous ink systems can be a good investment when it works perfectly, it is possible that one day we will see a message on the computer screen that the ink cartridges are not recognized by the printer.
printer epson with ciss
printer epson with ciss
Is when we try to get a solution, the best solution is considered by us to call or contact the seller of the product, we must to contact for support or warranty if applicable.

ePrint compatible printers Hewlett-Packard (HP)

As mentioned earlier in our publication What is ePrint? is a new way that gives us the possibility to print a document from anywhere in the world via an email sent directly to the printer.
HP ePrint printer application
HP ePrint printer application
The printer supports this service is assigned an email address, if the printer is turned on and fully operational we send any mail to that address will be printed by the printer.

Printing from mobile Samsung Galaxy S4 in Lexmark printers

Lexmark gives us the ability to print from mobile Samsung Galaxy S4 without the need to connect the printer to a computer and no other cable connection.
lexmark mobile printing
lexmark mobile printing
The printer manufacturer has made an application available to users of the system to Android phones, lets you print and scan a document then bring our device to send or share.

How print fast / draft quality in Canon printers

The fast draft quality allows us to save a little ink but decreases print quality, Canon printers when using original ink cartridges give us the best quality you could get in inkjet printers.

These cartridges are mostly high quality FINE technology, so we should not worry in getting dull or poor presentation pages.

How solve the error 0xc19a003e in HP printer

The 0xc19a003e error at the printers when the ink cartridge system has failed, it is common in the following printers.

HP Photosmart D7560, B109A, C309g, C6283 if you know a lot of printers may notice that they are all independent ink head, which leaves us even though the problem is in the printer head or at least related.

How to remove the print head in Epson Stylus Photo T50

This publication will help us off the print head of the printer Epson Stylus Photo T50 / Epson Stylus Photo P50 / Epson Artisan 50 Inkjet Printer / Epson Stylus Photo R280 / Epson Stylus Photo R285 / Stylus Photo R290 / Epson Stylus Photo R260 / Epson Stylus Photo R265 / Stylus Photo R270.

Remove a head to the printers I could help uncover easily have the possibility to look carefully that this covering and manage more easily to uncover.

That means the error 5B02 Canon PIXMA MX371 printer

The 5B02 error in the Canon MX371 printer means that you have full the ink tank, this does not happen every day, only when some 15,000 pages on average are printed, means our printer must have a truly constant use to see the message.

This publication is not to solve the problem, if not to say that the error is displayed on your screen printer. Sure, you can try a procedure then until now really do not know if it works, people have told me it works.

Canon Pixma MP230 connect to wireless network

Technology allows us much, today we can save time, space and money with the wireless printer connections.
printer canon mp230
printer canon mp230 Jenifer Corrêa
Where more frequent wireless connections are offices, several computers connected to the same workgroup can print to a single printer without cables.

Cause I can not print in black with Epson printer and how to fix it

Most Epson printers have a head separate ink printing, the other party are ink cartridges located on the front and do not movethat is cartridges can be considered small ink reservoirs that feed the head who makes the most of the work.

These printers are known for their good quality printing, most photographers use it to print their work, a machine that is used by those who demand best print quality we expect the best of the best.

Install a printer on the Windows 8 system with CD driver

Install a printer on the Windows 8 operating system may be easier if you download the drivers from the Internet, if you buy the printer before Windows launch the Windows 8 operating system may have problems with the installation.
driver cd
driver cd
It is possible that the installation CD does not have drivers compatible with this system maybe because the manufacturer has released the printer before exiting this system.

How to print only using the black color printers Canon

Set the Canon printer to print only in black or gray scale is fast and without additional drivers. The basic printer driver settings allow us to do as we please, to print constantlythat is all files in the future just black or just a paper space.
canon ink cartridges
canon ink cartridges
It is from us based on our need to choose the first option to leave all documents to print in black or select each time you want to print documents in only black color, repeat the recommendation is depending on your need.

How to solve slow or offline printer in Windows 8

If the printer is having problems to print when we send the documents do not come and even the printer does not start printing may be offline or paused.
printer paused
printer paused
We pause a printer when you do not want to continue printing, for example if we have networked printer, we can stop allowing other users to send documents to print by placing the printer paused or offline.

How to install HP printers for use by Wireless connection

The wireless connection to printers and computers gives us the opportunity to connect and network printing from a computer connected to the network.

Everything is done without the need to connect any devices by cables, which means that we can print from our laptop connected to the router in our printer connected to the same router all wirelessly.

How see the ink levels in Canon printers

The ink levels in Canon printers like any other printer brand is important to know how much amount of ink have our cartridges helps us plan and not run out of ink the day more than it is needed or in the middle of a large work.
canon ink levels
canon ink levels
Today most printers of this manufacturer on the front menu, located on top of the printer are lights that indicate when ink is running low, other printers have small screens with more precise graphics on the amount of ink have the printer.

How to solve the problems of blank pages for printers Canon

Is possible that our Canon printer make a habit print pages completely blank, this problem can put us both pocket like and crazy mind, especially when we verify that the ink cartridge has a good level or that the cartridges were recently placed new to the printer.
canon printer
canon printer ip2700
A new cartridge can print blank pages, the printer will be heard by the printing process and blank pages as the final result.

How to print from Windows Phone devices with printers Brother

The Windows Phone operating system is becoming more popular every day, this operating system largely used by Nokia with its Lumia devices, among other brands such as HTC and Samsung.
windows phone device
windows phone device
It is created by the giant Microsoft operating systems and have integrated Microsoft Office Mobile Phone, the most used word processor in the world, because we can create documents because no device to print from our program.

Fix problems with slow printing on printers Epson

You may note a day that our pages are very slow printer, all is well until the Epson printer take longer than normal to print.
printer epson
printer epson
In most cases this is due to no communication with the printer, that is problems with the USB cable or the printer is not connected properly to the electricity power cord form.

How many refills ink cartridges support Canon PG-140 and CL-141

The ink cartridges Canon PG-140 and CL-141 are high performance, best FINE ink cartridge manufacturer type, with a page yield that is not seen in any other manufacturer, unsurpassed quality when buying new cartridges they are original.

We have seen publications as filling the cartridge Canon PG-140 black and filling of CL-141 tri-color cartridge and can ensure that these cartridges give us the possibility to fill more than 5 times following the proper procedure.

How filling the ink cartridge Canon CL-141 / CL-141XL tricolor

Canon Cartridge CL-141 ink pigment ink we can print about 180 pages when we, bought new original ink cartridge CL-141XL unlike some 280 pages printed using the same type of ink.
refill ink cartridge
refill ink cartridge
In the standard version filled cartridge must put about 4 ml in each color ink, the ink cartridge version extra large (XL) it is necessary to 6ml of ink in each color.

How reset the pads in Epson Stylus TX235W

Periodically printers need a system reset, the adjustment is a software program developed to tell our printers do not print much has enough pages to print pillows are filled.

At least 15,000 pages to the printer has an error, the print pads are full, we have two options, one is to take the printer to support us or the other is to service the printer.

How print PDF document

PDF is the best format today to send and receive documents that we not be modified in the future by us or third persons.
acrobat reader document
acrobat reader document
The type of Portable Document Format (PDF) documents as XML Paper Specification (XPS) can only be viewed unable to make any changes.

How scanned documents in PDF format

The best thing about PDF documents is that you can use to send or save and limit the possibility of making changes in the future.

Scanning a document is a simple process, most if not all scanners have the option to scan the document in PDF format.

How sharing in network printer in Windows 8

Sharing printers on Windows 8 is the easiest tasks as only just connect the printer with the USB cable, if you are in the same workgroup or home, go to settings and agree to share the devices connected to your computer.

That is thematic but this publication is to try to explain step by step all the processes needed to share a printer on the network quickly and correctly.

How to create or join a workgroup in Windows 8

A workgroup or home group is a way to share documents and printers with other computers connected to the same workgroup computers.

This publication is as a reference for future releases of Windows 8 on printers to work from the same workgroup or home.

Download the free driver for printer HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 3515

The HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 3515 printer uses ink cartridges 662 both black and tricolor are numbered the same, these cartridges are of poor performance so we consider this printer for home use or shortly constant.

While buying one of these printers has made all accessories such as manuals, installation CD and sources, in case you lose the installation CD or the printer we give away but the drive must go to the manufacturer's website to download.