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Canon Pixma MP230 connect to wireless network

Technology allows us much, today we can save time, space and money with the wireless printer connections.
printer canon mp230
printer canon mp230 Jenifer Corrêa
Where more frequent wireless connections are offices, several computers connected to the same workgroup can print to a single printer without cables.
The Canon Pixma MP230 printer can be shared on the wireless network for all devices connected to the router (access point) and in the same workgroup. The computer on which is installed must be turned on, and knowing the password of the router.

We must share the Canon Pixma MP230 printer with the working group, available to other users who can make changes.

Connect our laptop or other computer to the wireless network and add the same workgroup that has the main computer.
printer canon with the router
printer canon with the router
The next step is to add a shared printer connected to another computer on the same network or working group, will be done in the same way as if the printer were on a wired network.

We can print when it pleases in this printer must be turned on and without making mistakes main computer.

The router must be switched to function if you change the password will not work so you should contact the main computer for authorization.


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