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Cause I can not print in black with Epson printer and how to fix it

Most Epson printers have a head separate ink printing, the other party are ink cartridges located on the front and do not movethat is cartridges can be considered small ink reservoirs that feed the head who makes the most of the work.

These printers are known for their good quality printing, most photographers use it to print their work, a machine that is used by those who demand best print quality we expect the best of the best.
We get a good quality, but we must use original ink cartridges or ink a good system.

It is possible that everything is working great and suddenly does not print in black color, the print is right to print pages or images in black, one and the best way to verify where the problem is printing a test page or check injectors ink.

Get a page with the colors of each separate cartridge, this is where we will see if the black cartridge is not working properly, the nozzle check is not the same as print an image.
epson printer head
epson printer head
After identifying the printer really does not work the black color problems, not the ink cartridge the next step is to try to uncover the printhead, as we said before is independent of the ink cartridges and although the cartridges are changed the problem will continue. Following two procedures make the first and then the second and last option.

Try to uncover the head by cleaning the printer software

The printer software if the problem is not that big can help with head cleaning, if the black color can choose to only cleaning the nozzle, and spend less ink.

As time passes the printer will leave ink residue on the head, this is stored and blocks the flow of ink by the head, if not much we can apply a cleaning head proceed.

There are two types of cleaning head, standard cleaning very strong and say no other head cleaning thoroughly before starting the head cleaning should know that this fast running out of ink, it is therefore recommended only apply to black color.

The process is the same ink cartridge move to the head and pump for fast jets trying to uncover the head.

Make a manual cleaning head (complicated)

In some stores, specialized only in repair of printers you can get a liquid to clean the Epson injectors, try to do everything possible to get good results with the process then if you can not clean the manual injectors may have to replace the printer.

Try the method in our publication for cleaning heads in our house, you need a number of tools that are difficult to achieve if printer is not technical, but you should at least try to uncover the head.

We like to say that getting a head is easy, the truth is that no, these are not sold everywhere, you can get one in another printer used, is inside the printer, there are printers that are easy to get but are priced high, refer to the Internet availability.


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