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Connected wirelessly printer Canon PIXMA MG5250

The printers have a screen 6 cm, advanced multifunctional printing capabilities for Wi-Fi and double-sided without user intervention.
printer canon pixma mg
printer canon pixma mg
It should be noted that we can print your CD discs with this equipment, also has very easy to manipulate even people with little computer knowledge interface.
The steps for setting the printer wirelessly are simple, we do live from the printer to the router (access point) without connecting the device to a computer.

What do we need?

  • A Canon PIXMA MG5250 printer
  • Router or access point, knowing the password
  • Do not have errors in the printer, all cartridges and running the printer connected to power feeder
  • Stable Internet connection
canon pixma mg5250
canon pixma mg5250
Follow the steps as described below, in case of problems to connect, please write a comment in this publication.
  • Pressed a button above or below the menu on the front display of the printer.
  • Below the screen are three square buttons, press the third button.
  • When ordering activate pressed YES or OK.
  • We appear Easy Setup, all available networks.
  • Select the network you want and click Continue.
  • After having the selected network, we press the third button again to enter / edit the password. (use the arrows to select the characters you want to write)
  • And entered the password press OK
  • If you've done everything right so far, one connected to the router message appears. pressed accept.
  • Press the Home button to return to the main part of the menu.
And the printer is connected to your router or access point, for installing the printer drivers should be available for your operating system.

If you do not have the drivers in an installation CD you can download from the manufacturer's website. When installing the drivers should tell your printer configuration will wirelessly.

Follow the process as is the installation manual and all should work wonders.


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