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Download HP PSC 1315 All-in-one printer free driver

The HP PSC 1315 multifunction printer lets you print, scan and copy, using HP ink cartridges 56 black and 57 tricolor ink cartridges both high performance.

You may want to know how to fill these cartridges:

  1. How to fill ink cartridge HP 56 black
  2. How to fill ink cartridge HP 57 tricolor
Before downloading the drivers should know that only necessary when using the Windows XP operating system, for which the procedure recommended below to install the drivers.If you have Windows 7 or higher operating system, try to update drivers automatically, should only verify the printer connection and Windows Update east update, you can help our publication to update Windows to recognize the printers.

When it comes downloading drivers are recommended to do so from the manufacturer's website, is where will get free drivers viruses or files that may damage our computer, then the procedure step by step in order to download from the manufacturer's website.
click next
click next
As seen in the previous image when selecting the next operating system support is to click Next. The page will be updated and will appear at the bottom the option to download drivers.

Downloading the basic drivers is recommended, but it really depends on what need be, then image with the two options available.
select the basic driver (recommended by the blog)
select the basic driver (recommended by the blog)
Choose an easy place to get the driver example the desktop, run the program from this location, the installation process will depend on which operating system you use.

If you have trouble installing you can write a comment in this post below.


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