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Fix problems with slow printing on printers Epson

You may note a day that our pages are very slow printer, all is well until the Epson printer take longer than normal to print.
printer epson
printer epson
In most cases this is due to no communication with the printer, that is problems with the USB cable or the printer is not connected properly to the electricity power cord form.

Then a series of procedures that will help us solve this problem both as printers Epson printers from any other manufacturer, you get a software that will help detect any problems related to slow pages.

Before a small review of the connection that all is well, remember electricity power cord and USB connection, check the ink cartridges, should be relevant to the printer and not have any mistake, print queue or missing files.

Uninstall the printer driver

We will remove printer drivers to discard possibilities uninstall any software related to the manufacturer and any other printer you have installed, then we will do a review with print services software system.

Run software to check printing services

Though the printer is uninstalled must leave power cord connected to the electricity, turned on and connected by USB to the computer. Remember not to leave another printer connected to your computer, check the USB cable connection well.
USB connection cable
USB connection cable
We download the software that detects any problems with printing services system, run it and follow the process to identify what the problem is affecting the printing process.

Finally we reinstall the printer drivers again and sent to print, you can help our publication on how to install the printer drivers.


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