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Getting to printing devices in different versions of Windows

The possible solution to minor problems are resolved printer configuration from folder printing devices. Here are all the printers installed on our computer and other the same workgroup.
Change settings like paper size, print using a single cartridge, set a default printer, including any problems with the printer, we get them in this section.

Arrive here depend on which operating system we are using, at least in Windows, there are three common ways to get both Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 is almost the same process, as you know the systems in each version changing position of some elements, is something that we must adapt.

Steps to get to print devices in Windows XP

This system even today is used by companies and individuals in particular. Windows XP is the most difficult to reach printers versions of Windows, although it is not no big deal.
  • Click on Windows, located in the lower left of the desktop.
  • Let's control panel right of the start menu.
  • Select printers and other devices, we can search the content.
  • Click on Printers and Faxes.

Steps for printing devices on Windows 7 / Vista

Arrive printing devices in Vista and Windows 7 is the same procedure. Much used systems and Windows 7 that deals a year even after the Windows 8 out the first. Even easier to reach print devices.
  • Click on Start located in the left bottom desk
  • The start menu appears on the right devices and printers, we click and a window with the list of available printers appears.
printer list windows 7 operating system
printer list windows 7 operating system

See printing devices for the Windows 8 system

This is the most advanced operating system on the list, with a slightly more user friendly interface, it allows us to reach the fastest printers list.

The settings have not changed much compared to previous systems, functions such as sharing printers and install printers from the installation CD if they have had their little changed printers to get Windows 8 follow the procedure below.

We can get faster to find applications in Windows 8, by right clicking on the lower left of the desktop. Just around the corner a number of options will open select search. see image below...
select the search option
select the search option

Go to settings and select printing devices

In the search window, first select settings in this way only appear results available for options that you can configure.

We write in the search devices and printers, on the right side of the window and choose devices printers, double-click. view image...
select devices and printers (right)
select devices and printers (right)
Devices and printers is the same folder as in the previous systems have all printers available to configure.

Failure to understand some step or need help just write a comment below, we will gladly help you.


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