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How many refills ink cartridges support Canon PG-140 and CL-141

The ink cartridges Canon PG-140 and CL-141 are high performance, best FINE ink cartridge manufacturer type, with a page yield that is not seen in any other manufacturer, unsurpassed quality when buying new cartridges they are original.

We have seen publications as filling the cartridge Canon PG-140 black and filling of CL-141 tri-color cartridge and can ensure that these cartridges give us the possibility to fill more than 5 times following the proper procedure.
All thanks to the shape of these cartridges inside, resistant and almost impossible to easily damage the printhead.

Each has a standard version and a extra large (XL) this influences their performance and how much you can fill, you might render extra large cartridge at least twice a standard cartridge. It will depend on ink used to refill cartridges and the process we use.

Have pigmented ink factory, this would normally put ink cartridges when we fill, but also works with water-based ink but the same print quality and the same will not get filled.

A person does not pay you to fill the cartridges, not only these otherwise remove any cartridge label for the top grades even make drilling more than usual on top, this will only make the cartridges dry faster than normal and causing damage sponge fast ink spills.


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