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How sharing in network printer in Windows 8

Sharing printers on Windows 8 is the easiest tasks as only just connect the printer with the USB cable, if you are in the same workgroup or home, go to settings and agree to share the devices connected to your computer.

That is thematic but this publication is to try to explain step by step all the processes needed to share a printer on the network quickly and correctly.
When the printer is shared by other users on the same group that you can print as if the printer was connected to your computer, from dialogs or internet pages.

To share a printer with your workgroup or home follow the steps below, in case of problems just write a comment in this post I will gladly help you.

  • On the desktop go to the top right, we appear we must select options and settings, fence to change PC settings and then click group home.
  • Click printers or devices.
  • You must enable this option to be shared printer. (Media device) display option to share printers connected.
  • It is recommended to go to the computer to print and select the printer as default.
It is a simple configuration, even more than previous operating systems, you can choose when you want to disable that other computers can print to this printer, just follow the same procedure and turn off the printer sharing.


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