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How sharing a printers Canon in network (workgroup)

Share a network printer should not be something otherworldly, it all depends what operating system used, the Canon printers connected to the USB cable can be shared on the network when you want, other computers on the same network group can print anytime as if the printer was connected to your computer.

The process for sharing the printer is the same on all systems, the only thing that changes is the way to get to the printers to make the settings. What follows is the configuration for Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems if you have any other system or require custom support write a comment below.

Sharing printer in Windows XP

The printer is turned on and fully operational, not present cartridges error or documents queued. (in this and all processes below)
  1. Click on Windows, located in the lower left of the desktop.
  2. Let's control panel right of the start menu.
  3. Select printers and other devices, we can search the content.
  4. Click on Printers and Faxes.
  5. Right click on the printer you want to configure, we go to the last option from the available list click on the printer properties.
  6. We menu available for this printer is displayed, select the second tab (share) vignette then share this printer. Save the changes and ready.
canon printer sharing
canon printer sharing

Canon printer sharing in Windows 7

In this system only changes the way to reach the printing preferences, share the printer with the working group is the same that we have seen for the Windows XP system.

Windows 7 has a more advanced interface that gives the user the possibility to perform any faster and easier process than other systems. (you will see fewer steps)
  • Click on Start located in the left bottom desk
  • The start menu appears on the right devices and printers, we click and a window large list of available printers appears.
  • Right click configure the printer that will print properties, the No. 4 option from the top down.
  • The same configuration makes for Windows XP, and in the printer preferences.

Share Canon printer using the Windows 8 operating system

For this operating system the process is a bit more complex, it is recommended to visit a already been made publication that explains how to do it quickly using this operating system.

See how shared network printer using the Windows 8 operating system in case of any problem or help write a comment on this publication.


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