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How to scan a document using the program Canon MP Navigator EX

The MP Navigator EX software allows us to analyze, save and print photos and documents from any compatible Canon printer.

MP Navigator EX is a free software that Canon has made available to consumers of graphics products. It is compatible with Windows XP / 2000 Pro / Vista / Server 2008 / Windows 7 / Windows 8 operating systems.
Some printers bring this software when purchased new, it is installed at the same time that drivers and allows us to scan documents and photos from our Canon printer.

To scan a document using this software the most important thing is that the printer is working perfectly. That is not presenting any error of cartridges, or disconnect.

The first step is to run the program, you may be in the Canon folder at start.
scan using Canon MP Navigator EX
scan using Canon MP Navigator EX
Click on the top left of the program, scan / import then scan options available for the program will appear. We select our preference, but photos / documents (photos and documents) is recommended.

The next step is to select the specifications to be applied to the document to be scanned. The options appear on the left of the program, options such as color or black, size scanner, format you want to receive the document and others are available.
scanner settings
scanner settings
Remember to choose a route to save the final file the scanner, when completed. They should press the scan button to start scanning when this is finished we can choose to continue scanning or simply scanning that page.

You can get this program click download MP Navigator EX, if you have any problems downloading or configuration, type a comment.


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