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How to solve the 0xc19a0035 error "problem of printer or ink system"

The 0xc19a0035 error usually occurs in HP printers independent head cartridge. These were introduced to the market in recent days, using four ink cartridges and a head that unites like a tricolor ink cartridge.
hp print head clean
hp print head clean
The advantage of these printers is that we can change an ink cartridge when it is damaged. The other cartridges are working properly do not need to change them. The disadvantage of these printers is an additional piece called printhead.

Another down side of this type of printer is the price of consumables, while the price of cartridges decreases, when we bought the four ink cartridges are paying more than when bought two colors before.

A more pieces on the printer, the more problems, this depends more components that can fail, for example 0xc19a0035 error occurs when the ink system does not work well. (comprising cartridges, injectors and injector connectors)

How to solve the error 0xc19a0035 HP printers

The first thing to try is to turn off the printer and turn it on, do it at least two or three times, if the problem persists then follow signs.
  1. Open the part that gives access to the cartridges. (under the glass to scan)
  2. We hope that the cartridges are put in place for replacement.
  3. Remove the ink cartridges head.
  4. The ink cartridges have connectors on the lower part appear chip. You should clean these with a little damp napkin or a little good clean cloth, you can also use isopropyl alcohol swabs for more finesse.
  5. Double check to clean this all in before placing cartridges.
  6. If the error continues to make a replacement head.
Before replacing the printhead, are advised to contact HP customer service, it is possible that the product is in warranty period and you will get a new printhead.

Reset printer (possible solution) error 0xc19a0035

  • Unplug the power cord electricity
  • Wait about 20 seconds and then press the button (#) and (3) on the front panel (just in multifuntionals printers)
  • Continue pressing the (#) and (3), connect the power cord electricity again.
  • Release the buttons when you turn the printer completely.
  • You must make some configurations, as if he had purchased the printer as this factory has been restored.
If even after this has a solution must contact customer support to verify if your computer is in warranty period.

The previous procedures can solve these errors related to system problems in the ink.
B069A414 / B3000008 / B8000094 / B8000170 / B3FFxxxx / C05Dxxxx / C2FExxxx / 0xc05d1281 / 0xc18a0001 / 0xc18a0201 / 0xc19ac3ff / 0X61011BED / 0XC19A003F / B06998FC / 0xC05dxx / 0xC18Axxx / 00729Cxx / 00729C98 / 0x610000f6 / 0x61011beb / 0x61011bec

It is frequent in printers using ink cartridges: 564, 664, 178, 862, 920, 950, 951


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