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How to solve the error 306 in Canon printers installed on Mac

This error occurs in printers installed on computers that use the Mac system, our computer error appears 10.6.2 and 306 printer error.

The causes of this error are a lack of communication between the printer and our equipment, we must first verify the connection of the printer must be properly connected to the computer and then try to print again.
One possible solution is to go to printers and faxes Apple System Preferences. They appear all installed and ready to configure printers, select the printer that is presenting the problem and make a right click.

Of the options that appear select (reset the system printer). see image below...
printer preferences on mac
printer preferences on mac

Solution No. 2

  • Click the Apple symbol in the upper left of the screen.
  • Click System Preferences
  • Click printers and fax
  • If the padlock on the bottom left is locked, enter your password and unlocks.
  • Remove the printer by pressing the (-) and then add the printer again using the (+) button, leave this printer as the default again.
In case of problems with the configuration, type a comment in our form below.



  1. I followed your instructions exactly and removed the printer. Now my computer can find the scanner which is on top of the Canon MG5220, but it cannot refind the printer to add when I hit +. It only finds me an additional scanner.

  2. I have followed your instruction but i still have the error, and I can't print nothing. What's weir it is that until this evening it worked perfectly well. I am on this since 2 hours and can't find any solution. thank you for your help

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  4. I've been getting this 306 error in the past few days, and the beauty of it is my printer Canon Pixma is not wifi, but connected via USB.
    I've tried unistalling and reinstalling. It's always worked well until now. Any suggestions?