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How to solve the error 6A80 in Canon PIXMA printers

This is a general error in Canon printers, occurs when the print head is covered then a procedure that will help us solve the problem and then reset code to restore your computer.

So that this error does not appear again after deleting it is always recommended lubricate constantly had through which passes the printhead.
We recommend using gloves, our hands are inside the printer, as you know spilling ink cartridges in and may dirty our hands.

Turn off the printer and disconnect the power cord electricity, you can not forget to disconnect the printer.

Moving the print head from side to side

With hands grabbed the cartridge carriage and move it from left to right, at least three times, this should reach each end, and carefully smooth.

Move the brush to clean the cartridge nozzles

We try to move the brush to clean the cartridge nozzles, are on the right side of the printer where ink cartridges rest, moves carefully trying to remove any jam that they have.
canon printers brushes
canon printers brushes

Check paper waste by previous jams

Check carefully if you have above a paper jam, remove any residue or piece of paper that might obstruct the operation.

Reset printer error after 6A80 Canon

If after doing all the above procedure and the printer still continue with the same problem, we must try to restore it. The above steps can say it was for maintenance, we must now tell the printer that all is well.

  • Turn off the printer
  • Then the following four buttons pressed simultaneously:
  1. Button black copies
  2. Stop / Reset button. (triangle within a circle)
  3. Button on and off.
  • Release the button on and off first.
  • When the printer is powered release all other buttons simultaneously.
The procedure will work to printers:
Canon MG2250 Multifunction Printer / Canon MP230 Multifunction Printer / Multifunction Printer Canon MG3250 / MG5450 Multifunction Printer Canon / Canon iP2702 Inkjet Printer / Canon IP7250 Inkjet Printer


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