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How to solve the error P10 Canon printers

The P10 error in Canon inkjet printers is when you have a paper jam. You may encounter the error and not see the paper.

Then a series of procedures to help you remove a paper jam, even if you do not see the paper.
It is normal when a printer paper not to see it, as you know is a very complex equipment, which has plenty of places to stay stuck.

We recommend using plenty of light to locate the paper into the printer. We must first look, is the top of the unit, just where they enter the pages, this is called main tray. As you can see, the system Canon printers is very vulnerable to entering any object or even insects.
solve printer paper jam canon
solve printer paper jam canon
If it can be recommended even turn the printer with this place down, will anything that is housed in the entrance.

On the spot you can use a bit of cardboard with the same size paper, the case is somewhat thicker than it takes us if any obstacle.

You put it over the top (it is recommended that the printer is turned off) while the paper passes check the printer rollers.

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