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Paper sizes in millimeters and inches

The printers accept a variety of paper sizes, we have always recommended before putting a paper to be printed go to the manufacturer's website or our manual and see if we can put our printer.
Put a role that is not compatible with it can even damage your printer, it is important to know the dimensions.

Maybe you understand the types of pages by names but what is its size in millimeters or inches.
standard paper sizes
standard paper sizes
Then we will see a list of 20 different page sizes, all with their respective measurements in the two units above mentioned measures.

Paper name / type
size in millimeters
size in inches                        
215.9 x 279.4
8.5 x 11.0
A4210.0 x 297.08.3 x 11.7
A5148.0 x 210.05.8 x 8.3
B5182.0 x 257.07.2 x 10.1
Legal215.9 x 355.68.5 x 14.0
Executive184.2 x 266.77.3 x 10.5
Index Card76.2 x 127.03.0 x 5.0
Index Card101.6 x 152.44.0 x 6.0
Index Card127.0 x 203.25.0 x 8.0
Hagaki100.0 x 148.03.9 x 5.8
No. 10 Envelope104.6 x 241.34.1 x 9.5
DL Envelope220.0 x 110.08.7 x 4.3
No. 9 Envelope98.6 x 225.63.9 x 8.9
HP Envelope114.3 x 146.14.5 x 5.8
HP Envelope146.1 x 222.35.8 x 8.8
C6 Envelope114.0 x 162.04.5 x 6.4
A6 Envelope105.0 x 148.54.1 x 5.8
A2 Envelope111.3 x 146.14.4 x 5.8
Japanese Envelope #3120.0 x 235.04.7 x 9.3
Japanese Envelope #490.0 x 205.03.5 x 8.1


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