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Reset the ink absorber Canon printers e510

The full ink absolvedores is an error that appears in the Canon printer after printing a number of high pages. These sponges are physically with the printer where lie just below the cartridges after printing.
printer full ink deposit
printer full ink deposit
When we head cleaning in cartridges, ink will emerge that these sponges, each cleaning process printing cartridges becomes sponges will, with the passage of time are filled with ink and need cleaning.
When we get the error may sponges are not full of ink, only an automatic message is triggered by the number of pages that have been printed.

The solution to this problem in a professional, get visiting the shop authorized Canon, replace the pads already have other, and we be reset the printer software.

Pads may yet need to be replaced, as we said, the message will appear when the manufacturer has set the printer, it's just a statistic which will tell the printer to need replacing.

If the use we give to the printer is moderate, for example print pages with letters I do not think replacing the pads needed. Then the process to reset this error in the e510 Canon printers, only using the buttons on the front panel.

  • Make sure the printer is turned off
  • Press and hold the stop button stop / reset (triangle within a circle)
  • "At the same time" press the button, the light will turn green and light
  • Let down the button and release the button to stop / reset. (power light changes to amber)
  • Release the power button
  • Press the button to stop / reset four times and fast, immediately followed the power button.
  • Turn the printer off and then try to print.
In case of no have a solution to this procedure, type a comment, I will gladly help you.


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