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Solve the problem when we try to print computer ask save file

When we are trying to print a document, a pop-up appears to save as a file, it is a problem we can solve when we finish reading this publication.

Before anything else need to know put the printer as default. When a printer is installed is not everything, to print directly without first selecting the printer, you must set it considers as the default, usually we use most, or the one you have.
That way when you need to print only have to click print or press the shortcut (Ctrl + P).

Then it is important to know which are the XPS documents, this is a type of document can not be edited as it is created, we can only send, move or watch it.

We can convert any file that can be printed in this format. Just before printing select this method and store the file you're seeing or editing.It is that when we can not print because a popup window appears, asking for a path to save "file", it is because we do not have the default printer instead is selected XPS save a file by default.

Take some time and enter the folder printers and devices, set a default printer and start printing. From now on it will not appear but the message save file, only will our document pages through the printer, as it should be.


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