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Solving flashing (light on) in HP printer

In the HP printers usually flashing the button to turn on when you have problems with the printer mechanism, this stops unexpectedly or paper jams.
solving flashing (light on) in HP printer
solving flashing (light on) in HP printer
Even flickering for some other case may arise, which indicates that something is wrong with the printer, do not confuse the light when printing with light error is normal in some HP printers and is only for a moment then continuous printing.
When the flashing constantly about two minutes and lasts or more is because it has been an error of the above with the printer.

Steps to remove an error in the printing mechanisms

To solve an internal problem of the printer, first that is recommended leave take a rest the equipement for 20 minutes, disconnected from electric power cord and USB cable from the printer.

Turn on the printer and resume printing, if the problem is not resolved we must turn to print a test page.

The process to print a diagnostic page is:

  • Turn on the printer by pressing the power button
  • Hold down the power button and press four times the button to remove a paper jam.
  • Release the button and the printer prints a page with product information, this page will tell us exactly this mistake by submitting the printer, it contains the colors and how many pages have printed.

Remove a paper jam or check any piece of paper

If your printer does not have full printer drivers and no screen to report any problems they present, we can not tell when the printer has a paper jam.

To clear a paper jam the next steps are, unplug the printer power feeder cable, carefully look inside the printer to try to identify a piece of paper or trash that does not allow the free passage of the pages.

They can help eliminate some publications related to papen jams in printers:
If you have any specific printer you want to consult our type in it is possible to achieve a solution to your case. You can also write a comment on this post...

Solving problem If the printer stops unexpectedly

When a printer stops unexpectedly you may have problems with electrical feeder cables.

It is recommended to connect the printer to another outlet, or change the feed source of electricity, check the electrical indication of the printer and is compatible with the source.

If that fails to fix the problem with any of these procedures, the next step is to try to contact HP support, if the printer is no longer yours to take where a technical guarantee of printers.


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