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That means the error 5B02 Canon PIXMA MX371 printer

The 5B02 error in the Canon MX371 printer means that you have full the ink tank, this does not happen every day, only when some 15,000 pages on average are printed, means our printer must have a truly constant use to see the message.

This publication is not to solve the problem, if not to say that the error is displayed on your screen printer. Sure, you can try a procedure then until now really do not know if it works, people have told me it works.
We must find a way how to clean pillows ink tank, they are in the printer to grab all the ink that the printer uses when finished printing ink remains in the cartridge nozzles will pads filling then damaged.

A possible solution for resetting error 5B02 in Canon PIXMA MX371 Printer:

The first is to enter Service Mode:
  • Connecting the power cord electricity
  • Hold down the button stop / reset
  • Press the button power
  • Release the button stop / reset
  • Without releasing the power button pressed the stop / reset button twice
The printer should already be in service mode, now follow the procedure below to reset the pads. (the bulbs are turned off but the printer is turned on)
  • We press the button stop / reset four times !fast!
  • Turn off the printer
  • Turn on the printer and try printing again
In case of no get solution to the problem on their own and are using original ink cartridges new always contact the Canon customer service. It can cost service...



  1. hi. i have a canon mg 3540 with error 5B02- waste ink absorber full. want to know if there is a reset procedure for this problem because it wont print now. thx

  2. my printer indicate error 5B02. how do i solve it.