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What to do if your printer only prints in yellow colors

Inkjet printers most have two cartridges, one black and one with three base colors, which can make any color.
yellow color when you print
yellow color when you print by flickr
There are printers that have four cartridges, one color that it remains the same today. The case is when we have a printer that only prints one color, for example yellow, when we send an image or a document that has only the yellow color appears.
This does not mean that the yellow is damaged, it is quite the opposite, in a printer having four cartridges must review the other, in case if it is a printer that has only two cartridges, other colors need to be filled or change the cartridge.

One cartridge can cover some colors and continue to operate one, this may be the case, or may also other colors are spent and only has the yellow ink.

We need to analyze the problem, identify and apply one of the following solutions that will raise below. In case of other colors covered, it is recommended to clean the print heads, it is possible with the printer software.

Check if necessary refill cartridges or cartridge colors are not appearing on pages, it is normal that some colors are spent first, not all prints have the same amount of colors.

Something that can help most is to uncover the ink cartridge, even what we do in our house, we would have problems if we read properly the procedure of our publication.

After trying and have no solution to the uncovered, we recommend using an exhaust ink, you can buy an extractor for your cartridge or try to make one.

With that it will draw this covering ink cartridge nozzles. Typically, results have been obtained if the ink cartridge is fine, otherwise it is recommended to change the ink cartridge with a new one.


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