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What to do if your printer only prints in red

Cartridge printers primarily use two cartridges, one black and one tricolor (mean all three colors bases) CMY, it is possible that one day the page is printed entirely in red when you are waiting black or any other color.

When this happens the color cartridge or better said the other colors have problems when sent to print an image is almost always red.
The base colors make any color to mix among themselves, for example when you need to print a sun will be mixing yellow and red.

If other colors are not working properly and only see the part in red is because the other colors are blocked, in this case it is recommended to do is to try to clean your cartridge.

Something that will work for sure is to remove all the ink cartridge, it is recommended to use an ink remover, if one is not recommended to buy, are available in any store of printers and cartridges.

If they can not buy you can choose to make an ink remover clips that are used to transport the cartridges.

If this did not work the next step is to try to uncover the ink cartridge, you at home with a little hot water can uncover it, you only have to read our publication how uncover our cartridges at home.

If you have tried everything and have not obtained a solution can only change the color ink cartridge with a new one, you can also buy remanufactured ink cartridges that give the manufacturer warranty.


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