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What to do when Epson printer with ink system does not recognize the cartridges

Epson printers with continuous ink systems can be a good investment when it works perfectly, it is possible that one day we will see a message on the computer screen that the ink cartridges are not recognized by the printer.
printer epson with ciss
printer epson with ciss
Is when we try to get a solution, the best solution is considered by us to call or contact the seller of the product, we must to contact for support or warranty if applicable.

When purchasing any electrical product it is recommended requiring the guarantee, a printer with an adaptation that is not manufactured must stress this point.

Know that the ink cartridges with the printer are not the same after installing the system, make sure that the system really is the one that corresponds to the printer.

When we buy some in the Internet products like ink systems, you can purchase an item that is not supported, before or after making the payment request information from the seller really is what you are looking for.

Make cleaning the printer connectors

Remove the cartridges are connected to the system hoses and clean the connectors, it is possible that spilled ink system and connectors.

The cleaning do it carefully, avoid touching abruptly connectors cartridges, you must use a liquid that dries easily as alcohol, do not use water.

Try resetting the continuous ink system

The ink systems have resetter we should press for about 15 seconds, will help our publication to reset Epson ink systems.

Check the battery having the system may be discharged, try to buy a new (they are inexpensive) all this must be done with the printer turned off, both the electrical power supply disconnected and the source.

Get help from an expert (store printer)

We emphasize that it is at a printer technical, because there are computer stores that are dedicated to doing any work, in your country or state always exists a person who is dedicated only to the sale and repair of printers.

The computer repair shops do not have the knowledge for this job. Importantly, no contact Epson, if you have a printer with adaptation which are not manufactured ink system, you may not have warranty, these products can only give warranty and support who they have finally sold to you.

Finally try the procedure below

  • Turn off the printer
  • Turn on the printer
  • Press the OK button
  • (with the OK button pressed) open the door giving access to the cartridges
  • Press for about 10 seconds in the system resetter
  • Close the cover giving access to the cartridges (try printing...)


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