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What to do when the printer stops printing and does not completed

If you're here, it is because when you want to print, the printer stops and tells you that you can not print.

We left half page and do nothing, "supposedly is printing" but we get an error on the printer screen when we press the power button to resume printing or to delete the message we launched the site without letters.
When this happens is because there is good communication between the printer and the computer, how to communicate with the printer and computer it is via a USB cable, Ethernet connection and wirelessly.

We must focus on the connection methods, verify if the USB cable is connected, should be connected to the Ethernet cable call your network accessor to see if there is a problem preventing the connection, just as if you have a wireless connection between the printer and computer.

The most common method to connect printers both offices and homes is by USB cable, if your printer is connected using this method follows a procedure that can help you solve the problem.

We need to review the printer driver

We must investigate If your printer has updated the driver, this can be verified when we go to printing devices, checking that it has no warning symbol already installed printer.

When you install the printer is recommended to verify that the port is connected, no other printer should do link to this port, it can help as knowing what port the printer is connected.

Check the connection to the (USB) printer

If the printer you are using is very old is recommended to see the condition of USB cable, after verifying the cable that is not broken or heavily oxidised connectors see if the USB printer port is good, rust and humidity can affect.

It will help connect the printer on another computer, even when you do try another USB cable to eliminate the chances of finding the problem on another computer.


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