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How to install continuous ink system on Epson Stylus SX230

We have seen before how to install a printer such, it is the Epson Stylus SX130, now the facility to a more complex but easier to adapt a continuous ink system equipment.

As you know we need to get a continuous ink system, one that guarantees the good operation and has the flexibility hoses, please ask to check the operation of the battery to reset.

How to install ink system Epson Stylus SX130

Install a continuous ink system Epson printers, is one of easier tasks related to system installation, only we need to buy a quality system and have suitable inks for these printers.

How to fix the E28 error in Canon printers

Injection cartridges like the majority Canon cartridges of this type, operate by emitting warming on the connectors.
canon cartridge color image by Domiriel
canon cartridge color image by Domiriel
The E28 error indicates overheating in one of the cartridges, it can cause permanent damage or burn cartridge nozzles.

How to know where are the color cartridge Canon CL-141 tricolor

Ink cartridge Canon CL-141 compatible printers tricolor: PIXMA MG 4110 / PIXMA MG 4210 / PIXMA MG 3110 / PIXMA MG 3210 / PIXMA MG 2110 / PIXMA MG 2210 / PIXMA MX 371 / PIXMA MX 391 / PIXMA MX 431/ PIXMA MX 451 / PIXMA MX 511 / PIXMA MX-521

They have an approximate yield of 280 pages and use pigmented inks, just as if you have only water-based can refill cartridges with them.

How to scan in Epson Stylus Photo TX730WD

To scan in printers Epson Stylus Photo TX730WD we can do it in three ways, one is using the program officer scanning (Epson Scan), the other is from the printer panel and finally an independent external software from Epson.

How to install printer ink system Canon PIXMA MG2140

Canon printers with its ink cartridges, have been given stand out as one of the best for the installation of a continuous ink system.

These mostly want to change the picture somewhat implementing new components as the head cover.

How to put continuous system hoses on Canon PIXMA MG2140 / MG2240

The PIXMA MG2140 / MG2240 market exit, with the intention of eliminating Canon printers in the installation of continuous ink printers have a window that covers the carriage and making it difficult to put the hoses inside the printer.

Error codes for printer Canon PIXMA MP140 / MP150 / MP160 / MP190 / MP210

At the beginning of this blog, there are same as this content, only he did not have the error code that usually present on the computer.

How to reset ink pads full on printer Canon PIXMA MG2140

To reset the pads printers Canon PIXMA MG2140, we need a method to enter service mode and a program called Service Tool, in which case you can use the version here.

How reset the pads fill error in Canon PIXMA MG2240 (error 5B00)

Canon PIXMA MG2240 printers like all Canon printers, when printing many pages arrive at a quantity that is necessary to reset them.

Note that you can not confuse the typical reset that allows us to tell the device that the ink cartridges are empty, and still we continue printing. (press the stop / reset button)

How reset the full pads in Canon PIXMA MP230 error 5B00

The Canon PIXMA MP230 printers has been very well received by consumers, unlike other printers this give us more easily to the installation of a continuous ink system.
printing pads filled, Canon MP230 printers Jenifer Correa
printing pads filled, Canon MP230 printers Jenifer Correa
Printer, copier and scanner, certainly with very good print quality thanks to FINE cartridge type, even better when we put ink cartridges XL version for both refilling and installing the ink system.

Reset the pads in printers Canon PIXMA MG3140

Reset the pads a Canon printer, it is not the same as ignoring the error of empty cartridges, this error may no longer be able to print because the system already recognizes not in optimal performance.

Physically pads, sponges are located below purge the printer, where rest the cartridge when it is not in work, in these parts much ink is spilled, so there comes a time where you need to replace and perform a hardware reset.

How to solve the error P06 (5400) Canon printers

Fix the error P06 (5400 monitor) in Canon printers is simple, we must first know what this error means, and that has appeared.

The error itself, its meaning is that the ink cartridge is overheated, ie its temperature up more than normal, it appears in the printers when one or two ink cartridges are empty or nearing completion.

What is the difference between standard cartridges and XL (extra large)

The ink cartridges are to print a page number average, it will depend on how much ink is placed on them.

An original ink cartridge has a special type of ink even more than the pigmented ink used to refill cartridges at home or shops filled.

How to clean injectors HP Officejet Pro K8600 series

Previouswe have seen our publication, as reset the HP Officejet Pro K800 printer, now we will see how to clean the ink nozzles.

How to disable the ink levels in Canon printers (various models)

Canon ink printers, all have a system that tells the computer the average amount of ink cartridges have, it works through the printer software, which when we put a new cartridge recognized.

How to solve error "no cartridge" or "empty cartridge" on Brother printers

The Brother inkjet printers are the most compact printers on the market, even one of this brand is among the top 5 multifunctional printers 2013 and is inkjet.
brother printer ink cartridges fsse8info
brother printer ink cartridges fsse8info
One day can make the error that no cartridge installed, or that it is empty, as we have seen that the cartridge is placed and no is empty.

How to reset the printer Epson Stylus Office T30

You only need to reset your printer if the error has printing pads filled, if using system does not recognize ink cartridges is press a button that has the print head.

You can do a quick reset if you use our publication as reset an Epson printer with continuous ink system, if you need help with this publication at the end write a comment.

How scan an image in Windows 8

Depending on what your printer or scanning device can vary the way to do, it is normal to install drivers for your printer or scanner device, should be an all-in-one (printer) it is recommended as our publication install a printer in Windows 8.
scan picture from windows 8 Filip Skakun
scan picture from windows 8 Filip Skakun
This is the operating system that is used for a long time, then we must learn to manipulate, but really not that difficult and also provides more resources and easy to convert an image or photo in document handling.

Reset the error P07 Canon PIXMA MG2120 full pads

The P07 error in Canon printers, stops us printing, it is assumed that the printer can not print because the ink pads are completely filled.

Physically sponges are found just below the purge, the part that cleans the printheads on the right.

How change or remove the ink cartridges Canon PG-240 black and CL-241 tricolor

The new Canon printers using ink cartridges PG-240 and CL-241 have completely changed the way to use the ink cartridges.

They even have a head cover that opens automatically when the cartridges reach the right side of the printer. The procedure to replace or remove and replace the cartridges again.

How can see the ink levels in Epson / Canon / HP printers installed on Ubuntu

In our blog we provide much help to users with Ubuntu operating system when it comes to printers, you get a publication of success on how to install drivers for Canon printers on the operating system.
 ubuntu operating system printer test page by Tim Patterson
ubuntu operating system printer test page by Tim Patterson
This system is taking a lot of popularity because of the ease of getting any software absolutely free, unlike other systems such as Macintosh or Microsoft.

Visualize the ink levels in Epson printers

To view the ink levels in Epson printers have two options require the same tool to be possible. When you have the facility to view the ink levels, we saved a big problem to run out of ink at important moments without possibility of getting replacements.

It will only be possible to see the ink levels in Epson if we installed the Epson Status Monitor tool, this tool can get details of print jobs, the configuration and status of the problems.

Tips for printing from Microsoft Word 2013

Microsoft Office 2013 has many positive aspects, among them is able to use it on computers that are touch completely, as tablets and other mobile devices.

Users will have more access to documents, including disabled people may use it easily thanks to the many easy shortcuts that have been added in this new version.

How to make printer head cleaning in Canon PIXMA MG2120

Cleaning nozzles helps us get better quality when printing, if we have pages with stripes across a horizontal line or it is possible that the nozzles are clogged.

Luckily the Canon PIXMA MG2120 printers through the software, computer configuration, allow us to clean the nozzles to improve print quality.

Reset and procedure for Epson Stylus TX430W

Reset an Epson printer is a simple matter if the file has to help us restore the pads.

With the passage of time when these printers reach their maximum print, you need to reset the page counters.

Download the free printer driver for Canon PIXMA MG3210

The printer uses Canon PIXMA MG3210 drivers for printers PIXMA MG3200 version v. 1.02 supports the operating systems Windows 8/8 x64 / 7/7 x64 / Vista / Vista64 / XP.

These drivers then have been achieved in the manufacturer's website, you do not worry about getting any files that do damage to your computer, instead if you need any help you can write a comment at the end of the publication.

How to solve the error V162 Canon printers

The V162 error occurs when the connectors of the cartridge, do not stick properly with the connectors on the printer. Canon printers usually seen in the year 2011 onwards, as the models: PIXMA MG 4110 / PIXMA MG 4210 / PIXMA MG 3110 / PIXMA MG 3210 / PIXMA MG 2110 / PIXMA MG 2210 / PIXMA MX 371 / PIXMA MX 391 / PIXMA MX 431/ PIXMA MX 451 / PIXMA MX 511 / PIXMA MX-521

These printers, all have a wedge that drives the cartridge to contact the printer correctly, you may get cartridges while this wedge not properly boost for the contact operation is complete.

How to install continuous ink system Canon PIXMA MG4210

Install an ink system saves an average of 100% in ink cartridges and refilled, but not all the times tend to run correctly.

If you do not know how to install a system they should get help from someone who does and ensure operation.

Fix the error 6A00 printers Canon PIXMA MX850

The error 6A00 Canon PIXMA MX850 printers lies in the purges of the printer, these sponges are the right side, where lie the ink cartridges.

They can arise when something stuck the printhead within the team, any errors that crash the device printing mechanism cause the 6A00 error.

How download driver free Canon PIXMA MP640

The Canon PIXMA MP640 prints, copies and scans used ink cartridges FINE high-performance type.

Good-looking, it allows us to place it anywhere, both our office and house and can be used to household and micro business.

Check the print quality Canon PIXMA MP198

The Canon PIXMA MP198 gives us the possibility to check print quality without having it installed on a computer.

The procedure for obtaining a color page printer, where you can check the print quality for all colors.

Download the free printer driver for Epson Stylus Photo R800

Excellent printer for customers photographic, and considered cost per page when you want to print documents in color and black.

Uses pigment inks, cartridges EPSON UltraChrome Hi-Gloss, you can be called the perfect printer for small photographic solutions.

How to clean the connectors connectors in ink cartridges

The connectors on the cartridges are an important part, they send information to the printer quantity of ink cartridge yield and if these are performing well or badly.

Over time, it is necessary to clean up these, but it is not as simple as it may seem, the ink cartridges and connectors are very delicate.

How reset ink absorber Canon PIXMA MG3210

The Canon PIXMA MG3210 inkjet printer is a high performance team, works perfectly when we put the continuous ink system, thanks to ink cartridges used.

This and any other Canon printer when print at least 15,000 pages receive error ink pads filled, the screen printer error "E08" or the "E07" appears.

How to solve paper jam in printer Canon PIXMA MX320

The Canon PIXMA MX320 printer like almost all PIXMA have the paper feeder on top of the printer, the L type, you can learn more about the paper paths in our publication, types of paper path.

This method has its advantages and disadvantages, the advantages is the ability to print pages stiffer and stronger. Its major disadvantage is steadfastness in jams papers presented by such.

How to solve the assistance code 1686 in Canon printers

The assistance Code 1686 in Canon printers, occurs when the printer does not recognize the ink level in any of the cartridges.

The main reason is because it has run out of ink in an ink cartridge, another may be that the cartridge nozzles are clogged and not allowed to pass the ink.

How to reset the Canon PIXMA iP100

The Canon PIXMA iP100 top quality and printer ink head FINE offers pictures with resolution 9,600 x 2,400 dpi.

We can make photographic copies 10X15 centimeters in less than a minute, and prints black text at 20 pages per minute and 14 color pages per minute.

How reset the ink levels in Printer Canon PIXMA MG4100

The Canon PIXMA MG4100 Canon printers with cartridges PG-240 black ink and ink cartridge Canon CL-241 tricolor gives good yield and quality.

This multifunctional, like other Canon cartridges fill when we mistake the empty ink cartridge appears, but we can do, if already filled, or the printer has an ink system.

What is needed for print from an iPad

Print from an iPad is not difficult, since the manufacturer has developed a tool called AirPrint compatible with a large number of printers last generation.

This publication will discuss what it takes to print from the device, if you want to visit our publication settings, configure iPad with AirPrint.

How to print a web page if no option to print directly

Print a web page is as simple as printing from any word processing process. Even the same methods and shortcuts that in a word processor is used.

Now, the impression of a complete web page, will depend entirely on which browser you have, when the printing process starts a popup which your configuration will depend on the browser opens.

How to solve impressions of symbols in the operating system Windows

If when we send to print from the Windows operating system only obtain symbols, letters that are not understood or written in half, we have a problem that is in communication with the computer printer.

It will not solve the problem trying to head cleaning or changing ink cartridges, as you can see the print is intact, that is, the printing quality is perfect, only we do not understand symbols.

Download the free printer driver for Canon PIXMA MG2150

The Canon PIXMA MG2150 multifunction printer lets you print, make copies and scan. It is a equipment much resistance thanks to their ink cartridges.

If you lose your drivers or have given a printer without installation disk, then the procedure of how to install.

How scan printers Canon PIXMA MG5220

Multifunctional printers give us the facility to scan documents, print and copy.

Something have the Canon PIXMA MG5220 printers is that they allow us to scan a document in different ways.

Delete the message "error ink tank not installed" in Canon printers

Canon printers with separate ink cartridges, the error may have ink tank is not installed. They are not recognized when the printhead.

As you will know printers with individual ink cartridges used to run two pieces, one piece is the printhead (which serves as a nozzle) and another is the ink cartridges that work just as ink tank, from which the injectors they are taking the printing ink.

How to fix the error E02 printers Canon PIXMA MP145

Canon printers error "E02" means that paper can not properly enter the main tray on top.

Place the paper correctly, check that nothing obstructs the passage, look that the paper is suitable for your printer and press the stop / reset button to reanudad printing.

How to print a photo from the social network Facebook

Facebook is a social network of great fame thanks to connect people, this includes sharing photos, comments and messages with friends.

In the pictures you can do almost anything on Facebook, we can label a person, share, send them to a friend and even use Facebook to store your photos.

How to solve error ink absorber full Canon PIXMA MX330

Before anything else I would say the importance not to confuse the terms, return the ink levels or fix the error full pads ink.

The ink ink pads are sponges located at the bottom of which lie the ink cartridges, each cartridge cleaning after each print and spilled some ink in these sponges, which over time and we are filled they have an error.

How to install printer ink system Canon PIXMA MG3210

Installing an ink system is the ability to save at least 100% or more in the documents we print. The cost per page is the best, the quality is almost the same and the costs for replacement cartridges are very few.

Canon printers make daily changes to the structure of the printers, especially for this technique is not done, the printer manufacturers earn most of their money when consumables (ink cartridges) are purchased.

How wirelessly connect the Canon PIXMA MX340

The Canon PIXMA MX340 printer allows us to connect wirelessly from a computer connected to the same router.

How to solve light print cartridges Canon

Canon ink cartridges are the best in the market, further type of FINE, the market in our region. Canon printers when it comes to quality and durability are the best, all thanks to their cartridges.

When Canon cartridges have problems, it is usually due to difficulties in the injectors, with the passage of time these become clogged, preventing the normal passage of the ink and you get problems like lack of clear impressions and quality.

How to get preview or view documents before printing on Canon

The preview or display document before printing is important, it gives us an idea of our result on paper.

When we produce a document or project on the computer, you will have different results to paper, the colors are never the same and size vary widely.

It's not the same one monitor to a role in the computer screen whenever documents are perfect.

How to reset the printer Canon PIXMA MG3210

This Canon printer uses ink cartridges PG-140 and CL-141, good performance and outstanding performance, with the possibility to fill both the black cartridge, as the tricolor and still get a good cost per page.

This printer, like most Canon injection, when we fill or an ink system gives us problems usually has the empty cartridges error (low ink).

How remove printers in Windows 7

Do not confuse uninstall a printer to remove a printer in Windows 7, this operating system allows us to have a functioning without the need to install printer drivers.

It has an automatic update to all drivers daily question that when connecting a printer, this is recognized and installed without the need for an installation CD or any other file.

How print only black in Lexmark using the Mac OS X

When printing only black in Lexmark printers, we are able to save some ink, we sacrifice a little more quality and force the black ink cartridge.

It is recommended to consider some points before you configure the printer to print only in Black, Lexmark printers are one of the highest consumables, when it comes to ink cartridges.

Which type of ink used by Epson printers L210

Printers with Epson integrated systems, use an ink sold by the same manufacturer. Depending on what our printer must use the ink.

How installed Canon printers on the operating system Ubuntu

Canon is one of the manufacturers of the world's largest printers, but does not include its print drivers for Ubuntu or Linux operating systems.

Just the driver for Macintosh and Windows systems, but we should not worry, everything has a solution.

How to reset ink cartridges Canon CL-141 / CL-141XL

If we fill ink cartridges Canon CL-141 / CL-141XL, it is almost possible that these pose a mistake, saying that they are empty.