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Delete the message "error ink tank not installed" in Canon printers

Canon printers with separate ink cartridges, the error may have ink tank is not installed. They are not recognized when the printhead.

As you will know printers with individual ink cartridges used to run two pieces, one piece is the printhead (which serves as a nozzle) and another is the ink cartridges that work just as ink tank, from which the injectors they are taking the printing ink.
You could say that when there is no communication between the head and the printer error occurs.

Most cases the problem is because the print head is not properly connected, or because the chip cartridge not being recognized by the printer.

When this error occurs in the printer is possible that the error from occurring U043 and the compuer screem 1660 a series of procedures that may help us solve the problem.

Try the following procedures:

  • Remove the ink cartridges and leave them outside
  • Remove the printhead
  • Clean the connectors head carefully (use a little napkin with water - not much water)
  • Place the car and try printing again
This procedure works with the following printers:
Canon Pixma MP170, MP180, MP530, MP800, MX700, MX850, MX7600


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